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Various Arists – Red island Best of 2020

I Feel You Extended MixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, LunyHouse

Feel You Issa Sacha RemixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, LunyIssa SachaHouse

Coucher de soleil Andries Blithe Deeper Sting RemixDJ EEF Andries Blithe

freedom DJ Eef RemixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, LunyDJ EEF

Ancêtres Vocal MixBlaise Amoussou

Coucher de soleil Dor Projects Remix DJ EEF Dor Project

Feel You Croixsant RemixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, Luny Croixsant

Your Own Way Original MixDavid Jay, Sarah Brickel

Freedom Original MixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, LunyHouse

it’s Holidays Radio EditPharaon, Denys GDance

Distant People Original MixAnchor Deep, Johan Baylling LangHouse

Freedom Soprasound RemixSimon Sim’s, Tymers, LunySoprasound

Bella Ciao Moombahton 2K20Ash, Jimmy Gasse

14Dara Original MixManolo-JHouse123B min4:38

15Doors of Spirit Original MixSam L, Samir perculive, Sim’sHouse130D min7:04

16Harmony Original MixSimon MauriceProgressive House126C maj7:39

Forever Sim RemixCharles CherrySimHouse127E min6:29

Kyotos Angels Onetram RemixRed Richards Onetram

The One Antwan Dago Remix Simon Maurice Antwan Dago

Kyotos Angels Club MixRed Richards

The Beach Original Mix Simon Maurice

Hypnotic Original MixSimon Maurice

The Beach Ivan Martin Big Room MixSimon Maurice Ivan MartinHouse

Kyotos Angels Original Mix

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Serato Recording #19 Mixed by Dj Eef


The Wicked Thoughts Of You (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes mix)
Groove You Out Tonight (feat Tyree Cooper – Brian Tappert & Grant Nelsons Soulcity edit)
Shik Stylko
Rio At Night
Peter Gelderblom
Deeper (feat Tori)
I Got You
Let It Feel
Jorge Montia
In The Sunshine (feat Erin Perry – Pleser remix)
Dan Rubell
Keep On (feat Carol Jiani – Paolo Faz extended house mix)
House Bros
Pretty Baby (original mix)
Dave Winters

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Serato Recording #18 Mixed by Dj Eef


Long Time
Angelo Fracalanza
Dashdot, Marcello VOR
Get Down
Ten Years After
Koljah & Robin Drimalski
Maybe You’re Right (Steve Banks remix)
Dakin Auret
Another One Up
Knee Deep In Louise
Hot Since 82
Learning Instruments
Dawn (feat SYF – Hot Since 82 remix)
Pete Tong

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Serato Recording #17 Mixed by Dj Eef


Garrett & Ojelay
Discotech (Arbre Blass remix)
Lauer & Canard feat Greg Note
How Good
Jackin’ Box
Bottom Line (Innate soul vox)
Andre Harris
Do Ya Disco
Grayson P
You Got Yours
Audio Jacker
Miami Rockin’ (original club mix)
Mike Newman
OMG (J Paul Getto remix)

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Various Artists – Tech Trip

Hi everyone , find
Jean Deep – Signal Between Original Mix (5:45) DJ Eef – Bachelor Party
is on this compilation : Various Artists – Tech Trip
Label :ORGASMIxxx


Marco Bottari, IsaVis – Trans Europe Express Cover Mix
Gabriele Dila – Love It
Daniele Bald – Pump It
Ryno – Disco Magic
Alfra Remix An_Stef, GZEUS – Deep Room Dema
Jean Deep – Signal Between
Ivan Fly – Absolute Night
Marco Bottari – Feel It
DJ EEF – Bachelor Party
RynoHouse – Into The Sunset

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Various Artists – Afro House

Hi everyone i’m happy to inform you that
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – The Afro House (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Tinyi Mohl & Hunadeep – Sometimes in Life (DjEef’s Records)
Angel Negron – Mistik Teck (DjEef’s Records)
is on this compilation : Various Artists – Afro House
Release Date : 03/06/2020
Label : Leeloop Records


Cheche – Mañana (Pixbae Records)
Tommy Boccuto & Giampy Romita – Funk Samba (B74records)
Ron Ractive – Neon Ground (Free Feeling Mix) (Styledriver)
Funkatron – Brooks Was Here (Tulum Mix) (Metropolitan Recordings)
Per Johann – Rockin (Mortez Remix) (BRENDLAW RECORDS)
SILKEY – Africa War (Fishtone Records)
DJ G & Russoul – Touch (Dub) (Sambanismo)
Margherita Cecchi – Divine (Metropolitan Recordings)
Karim Le Mec – Hawayen Kauna (Extended Mix) (Ghostwork)
Woogees – Blue Waves (Max Giola Tribal Version) (Woogees Records)
Laera & EnzinoSting – Mariposa (Laera Tunes)
Rob Hayes – My Love (Radio Mix) (Audio Honey)
Rob Hayes – My Love (Audio Honey)
Canberk Tosun – Horizon (The Sin Records)
Bruno Zarra feat. Marco Semedo – Mother Earth (I Bounce Records)
DJ Cyclops feat. Nonku Khoza – Traveling Around Africa (Man P Loco Soul Sessions Mix) (Loco Soul Records)
Chilli Black – Shock Wave (Loco Soul Records)
Chilli Black – Afro Storm (Loco Soul Records)
Man P – That Rhythm (Loco Soul Sessions Mix) (Loco Soul Records)
Casa Flayva – Awtar (Society 3.0)
Tall Muntu – Rebirth (Loco Soul Records)
Clemens Rumpf – Latin Soul (Latin House Edit) (Deep Village Records)
Clemens Rumpf – Frame Me (Afro Soul Edit) (Deep Village Records)
Casa Flayva – Roaming in the Medina (Society 3.0)
DJ La Cat – Disco Balearica (Joe Di Bianco Remix) (Offline Recordings)
TMO – Short Circuit (TracksForDecks)
TMO – Nuclear (TracksForDecks)
TMO – Virus (TracksForDecks)
TMO – Surveillance (TracksForDecks)
TMO – Light Pollution (TracksForDecks)
TMO – Electrosmog (Intro) (TracksForDecks)
DJ Trendy L feat. Sponch Makhekhe – Shapa Parti (NM Entertainment)
Ashmere feat. Elisabeth – And in Time (Margherita Cecchi Dub Re-Edit) (Metropolitan Recordings)
Sam One – Free (O10C Club Mix) (house 4 you)
Black Elektronika – Calabash (WEAN OFF Records)
Black Elektronika – Louda (WEAN OFF Records)
Ferruccio Belmonte feat. Lenny Belmonte – Oriental Sense (7C Recordings)
LPA City – Sunrise (Sergio WoS Remix) (LPA City Recordings)
Frederick Alonso feat. Wendy Demey – About You (Dub Mix) (Stab Recordings)
Marc Veiz – The Alchemist (Offline Recordings)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – The Afro House (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Juan de Borbón – Llantén (QuieroRecordings)
Genaro Fernandez – Malaika (WEAN OFF Records)
Urbe Deep Connextions feat. D. Bragaglia – Guitar’s World (Deepo Raw Mix) (Black Box Records)
Qwam – Grenn’ Diri (DJ G Remix) (Sambanismo)
Qwam – Grenn’ Diri (Mix) (Sambanismo)
Sahara-Project – Start Up! (TaylorRecords)
Bruno Zarra – Mar (I Bounce Records)
Talel – Himalaya (Main Mix) (Unighted Music)
Kid Vibes, Juice & Don Bang – Tonight (Extended Mix) (Premium Vibes)
Elson Cabral feat. Giovana – Tatarue (Main Mix) (Sambanismo)
Tmber – Drum Top (Eisenwaren)
DJ Nasty Deluxe & Mathew Brabham – In the Jungle (City of Drums)
Urbe Deep Connextions feat. S. D. Pala – Love’s Pain (Deepo Late Night Mix) (Black Box Records)
Leotone – The Boss (Afro Style) (Leotone Music)
Kid Vibes, Juice & Don Bang – Tonight (Radio Mix) (Premium Vibes)
Ron Ractive – Forget (Go Mix) (Styledriver)
Lorhen – Narud (Eisenwaren)
Corazza & Steve Paradise – Pachamama (FNX Omar Remix) (Solido Etichetta Italiana)
Rob Hayes – My Love (Dub Mix) (Audio Honey)
Torsion Soul – Moya Waka (Microscopiq Soundz)
Expectaz & Jack Black (nl) – Funky Carnival (HotSenses Records)
Natalie K – Fire (Left of centre records)
LPA City – Love In My Hand (Sergio WoS Remix) (LPA City Recordings)
Tino feat. Nasty Smith – Go Down (KING RECORDS)
Margherita Cecchi – Shine (Metropolitan Recordings)
DJ G feat. Sho Tyme – Time to Groove (Sambanismo)
Sukurumba – Up the River (Future-Mind Musik)
Mas Flores – Caracoles (Amala Musica)
Urbe Deep Connextions – Tribal Winds (Deepo Andalù Mix) (Black Box Records)
Bantunani – Mystic Boogie (Voodoo Joy) (Blackninjapublishing)
Luca T – Luli You (Rosa Bianca Label)
DJ Trendy L & Sponch Makhekhe – Khona Ozolahleka (NM Entertainment)
Vane & Rialdo Shepherd – Mitre (Pixbae Records)
Krizoo & Oscar Bardelli – Viva Movida (Up Finger Records)
Vin Vega & Coco YumYum – Uno (Eisenwaren)
Abel Ortiz – Amo la Vida (Vin Vega Terrace Remix) (Eisenwaren)
Danny Jay The Doctor feat. Precious T. – Wakaandah (Rev Mindblowin’ Afro sax mix) (West Palm Music Corp)
Benjamin Emmanuel – Give to the Needy (HeavenHearMe)
Andrés Valera – Darbuka (Bombon Records)
Angel Negron – Mistik Teck (DjEef’s Records)
Jadey Leigh – Gimme the Beat (Carl H Mix) (AMI Music)
Manuel Voltolinas – La Selva (Brazilianism)
Ron Ractive – Sands of Time (Morning Mix) (Styledriver)
Charlitas Delivery feat. Camila Fazin – Extasis (Chibar Records)
Urbe Deep Connextions – Ride of Volcas (Deepo Atmospheric Mix) (Black Box Records)
Martelli – Tribe of Cosmo (Main Main Music)
BlackFace Family – African Drums (1000 HZ)
Love Rules Everything – Kuku (Unsigned)
Disalazar – El Recuerdo (Pixbae Records)
Jesus Escalante – Afro Jungle (Pixbae Records)
Chilli Black – People of the Sun (Loco Soul Records)
Wolves – Jungle (DJ G Remix) (Sambanismo)
Cheche – La Negra (Pixbae Records)
Cheche – Mañana (Abel Zeballos Remix) (Pixbae Records)
SucreSoul feat. Crimson Blu – Different Kind (Loco Soul Records)
Tinyi Mohl & Hunadeep – Sometimes in Life (DjEef’s Records)
Ron Ractive – Souvenir (Route Mix) (Styledriver)

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Various Artists – Online Training: Uplifting Tracks for Your Work Out At Home

Hi everyone i’m happy to inform you that
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Future Funk (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records) is on this compilation : Various Artists – Online Training: Uplifting Tracks for Your Work Out At Home
Release Date : (United States Of American Sport Sounds)
Label : United States Of American Sport Sounds


DJ Jazzy James – Time for Love (DJ Clix Filtered House Edit) (Beatbridge Records)
Aron Scott, Edwin Geninatti & Yan Garen – Reach Out (Black Jersey Remix) (Groove Defined)
Claudio Fiore – Decade Revival (UPUK Records)
KORAH – I’m in Love with the DJ (Mauro Novani French Remix) (Kattivo Records)
FastBeatGang – Beach Me (Extended Mix) (FastBeatGang)
Gimbal & Sinan – Goofey (sincinaty records)
Mr Luke & Mikeandtess – Get Down (Extended Mix) (Moving Head Records)
Deep Impressions – Boundless (Southland Recordings)
Maxim Novitskiy – True Love Can Free You (Live Version) (MN Project)
Marky V-lectro – Honey (E-Wax Recordings)
Gimbal – Music Speaks Louder Than Words (Rapeseed Cultivation Records)
Krizoo & Oscar Bardelli – The Beat Goes On (Up Finger Records)
Shane D – Etta’s Jam (Stereo Flava Records)
Le Chat Rouge – Make You Happy (Effigy Recordings)
Grand Giro – 1out of 2 (Vocal Club Mix) (Club deux )
Vixi – Dirty Business (Zenzic)
DJ Nasty Deluxe & Mathew Brabham – Oh Lord (City of Drums)
SHEE – It Feels Good to Be Free (Secret Society)
Jamby – Can You Play This (Secret Society)
KYDOTEK – Beachpunk (CORBATEK Records)
Nick Martira – Feel the Music (Club Mix) (Purple Monkey)
Psychokinetic – Come Back (UPUK Records)
Arthur van Dyk – Solids (Migel Gloria Remix) (NO PAIN RECORDS)
JAKE 303 – Over Here (Judge Jay Remix) (Kattivo Records)
We Funk – Feel the W (We Funk)
Koios K. – All Night (Creative-House)
Gluth & Burkhardt – Direction Bahamas (Polidee Entertainment)
Max the Sax & Peter Cruseder – Back in My Heart (The O’Edition) (MAX THE SAX RECORDS)
Groovy People – Get Me Tonight (M F Records)
Alex Zind – Hypnotize Me (Dance Edit) (ZZ-Music Records)
Sporfit, Aspabrain & A1 Code – Gamma Water 200 Hz (55 Hz Binaural Beats – Isochronic Tones Mix) (COSMOS.Records54)
Sascha Weberknecht feat. Reanna Peris – Detroit Frequency (Thompson Extended Detroit Click Remix) (wechselstrommusic)
Ken Silver – No One (Digisounds)
Soul T Nuts – Colours (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
Collective Sound Members – Any Time Now (Latenight Records)
House Frenchie’s – Jjep (Distil Records)
Vixi – Sexy Time (Zenzic)
Kristof Tigran – Groove It (Groove Defined)
Ogun Dalka feat. Dj Funky C – Color (Pilarinos & Karypidis Remix) (The Sin Records)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Future Funk (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Charlie Spot – Carnival 2019 (I Bounce Records)
Asylum Trio – Ivanka (Live Edit Mix) (Beats Bullets Brothers)
Roger Miller & Tom Leeland – On the Road to Night (HP Hoeger Remix) (Sounds United)
MHF – Gone up Bass (MHF )
Samuel La Manna – New York (LOWEGATE)
Dr. Hot – Ich vermisse dich (Breidyrecords )
Adamant – Something About Us (Secret Society)
DJ EINS – Chillhouse Traum (Continuous DJ Mix) (Fabrikwerk)
Corosun – Nautilus (Daniel Dope Remix) (Junique Musique)
L.porsche – Rue du Mont Blanc (Long Version) (K-m-Record)
Lewo [DE] – Usus (Bayran Mango)
Bart Ricardo – Born out of Deepness (NYON Records)
Morsy – Music Life (NYON Records)
Ghedzo – Deep Chime (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
The Fakies – Lovin’ (Groove Defined)
Justin Espada – Plug Walk (Young Society Records)
Kristof Tigran – Shine (Groove Defined)

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Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Mission to Mars

Hi everybody , a new release coming soon

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Mission to Mars

release date : 04/07/2020 under #djeefsrecords

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Soulful House Essentials 2020

Hi everyone i’m happy to inform you that Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Soulful Feeling (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
is on this compilation :
Various Artists – Soul.ution: Soulful House Essentials 2020
Release Date : 05/06/2020
Label : Deep House Amigo (Detroit))


Impossible Music Force – About Your Weakness (Impossible Music Force)
TM Grooves – You Tell Me You Love Me (M F Records)
Vixi – The Feeling (Zenzic)
Rob Hayes – Crazy 4 U (Audio Honey)
Soul Divine – Secret Love (Shane D Remix) (Stereo Flava Records)
Carlos Russo – Going Deeper (Aw Some Soulful Mix) (Mjoy Records)
Bowlah – Awrite (UPUK Records)
Gixhouze – Topical Moment (Gix Music)
Soulful Radio Live – You and Me (M F Records)
New Disco Pilots – Tears of Liquor (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Ted Peters, Angellisa & Stanyos Young – Whistle (Extended Version) (M F Records)
DJ Absinth – Save Your Soul (Mykel Mars Retro Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
DJ Chart – Get in the Mood (I.H. Music Productions)
Sterling Void – One Night (Society 3.0)
Aaron the Baron – Don’t Waste Your Breath (Davino Records)
Ted Peters & Stanyos Young – I Need You to Say (M F Records)
Carol Jiani – Love Can’t Turn Around (UK Mix) (Sounds United)
Pierre Piccarde – You Are (Marylin Musique M&M)
Dennis Wonder – Destiny (Derek Avari Extended Remix) (Soundofnow Music)
Soulful-Cafe – Si Llama (Soulful Cafe)
Ted Peters & Angellisa – Sound of Soul (M F Records)
Chico Timbero – My Sound (Chicotimberorecords)
Wizzert – Road to Anywhere (VIPTRACKS RELEASES)
Michael Push feat. LaTisha – Don’t Give up on Love (Emotive Extended Remix) (White Lips)
Cheap Sunglasses – Your Energy (Ibiza Bitches Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
AMI Dubz – Drifting (Carl H Mix) (AMI Music)
Gianni de Santis – Little Sweet G (Extended Version) (M F Records)
Sergio WoS – Back to the Old School (Maury Grande Remix) (3 WORDS)
Groovy People – Riding into the Night (M F Records)
Paradise Nation – Feel the Heat Now (M F Records)
Bahia de Roses – Your Love Is Here (M F Records)
Ted Peters & JaBig – I Will Need You (Extended Version) (Groovetto)
DJ Zillioneer – Move My Groove (Zillioneer Records)
Michael Ruland – Everything (Radio Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Koldfeet – On My Own (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
E.L.C.W. – So Beautiful (Sixtynine Recordings)
Bukalemun – Soul Tree (Akan Recordings)
Fond8 – Destiny (Metropolitan Recordings)
Rob Hayes feat. Nica Brooke – Entire Love (Audio Honey)
Nicolas Bassi feat. Wendy Jane Satchell – Alone (Main Mix) (Audio Honey)
Schwarz & Funk – Hang Out (Main Mix) (boxberglounge)
Anirhythm – Take My Pain Away (House Main Mix) (Anirhythm)
Sgt.Elias – Ven Pa Ca (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Tedjep Soulful House – Other Things Around You (M F Records)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Soulful Feeling (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Tom Civic feat. Felicia Uwaje – Come Alive (Extended Mix) (Sounds United)
Jonse & Bengt van Steegen – Devotion (Jonse Records)
Leotone – Thank You (Jazz Maestro Style) (Leotone Music)
Ezio Centanni & Enea DJ feat. Tantra Zawadi – Kismet (Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf Radio Version) (Sixtynine Recordings)
Spiritual Soul – Daiquiri (Lounge Bazar)
Circles and Spirals – Discussing the String Theory (Circles Records)
Volkan Uca & Nage Baruch feat. Lara B. – Self Love (Extended Mix) (The Sin Records)
Pat Klijn – Easy Soul (CIDAS MUSIC)
Marc Tasio feat. U.R.A. – My Heart Is You (Deep Extended) (Groove Defined)
Matthieu B. – Run (B&S Concept Mix) (Palms Records)
Groovelegend Project – So Beautiful (Sixtynine Recordings)
Schwarz & Funk feat. Storm Marrero – Wanting You (Miller Cruz Brazil Mix Radio Edit) (boxberglounge

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DJ Eef, Jean Deep & Jean Franglais – Vol de Nuit


DJ Eef – Dream of You (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:33)
Jean Deep – Starlight Motion (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:29)
DJ Eef – Electra (DjEef’s Records) (00:05:23)
DJ Eef – Spacecraft (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:33)
DJ Eef – Desire (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:46)
DJ Eef – Offshore on Mars (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:26)
DJ Eef – Reconnect Yourself (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:45)
DJ Eef – Escape (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:31)
DJ Eef – Survivor (DjEef’s Records) (00:05:44)
DJ Eef – Majestic (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:30)
DJ Eef – Four on the Floor (DjEef’s Records) (00:05:51)
Jean Deep – Voyage to New Lands (DJ Eef in the Sky Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:19)
DJ Eef – After Party (Jean Deep’s Disco Orbital Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:35)
Jean Deep – Mysterious (DJ Eef Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:51)
DJ Eef – Infinity (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:10)
DJ Eef – Spacious (Jean Deep Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:40)
DJ Eef – Fly by Night (Jean Franglais Gravity Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:05:52)
DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep – Trance Deep Space (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:49)
DJ Eef – Futura (Jean Deep Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:52)
DJ Eef – 8th Wonder (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:30)

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