Soulful House Essentials 2020 - DJ Eef

Hi everyone i’m happy to inform you that Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Soulful Feeling (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
is on this compilation :
Various Artists – Soul.ution: Soulful House Essentials 2020
Release Date : 05/06/2020
Label : Deep House Amigo (Detroit))


Impossible Music Force – About Your Weakness (Impossible Music Force)
TM Grooves – You Tell Me You Love Me (M F Records)
Vixi – The Feeling (Zenzic)
Rob Hayes – Crazy 4 U (Audio Honey)
Soul Divine – Secret Love (Shane D Remix) (Stereo Flava Records)
Carlos Russo – Going Deeper (Aw Some Soulful Mix) (Mjoy Records)
Bowlah – Awrite (UPUK Records)
Gixhouze – Topical Moment (Gix Music)
Soulful Radio Live – You and Me (M F Records)
New Disco Pilots – Tears of Liquor (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Ted Peters, Angellisa & Stanyos Young – Whistle (Extended Version) (M F Records)
DJ Absinth – Save Your Soul (Mykel Mars Retro Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
DJ Chart – Get in the Mood (I.H. Music Productions)
Sterling Void – One Night (Society 3.0)
Aaron the Baron – Don’t Waste Your Breath (Davino Records)
Ted Peters & Stanyos Young – I Need You to Say (M F Records)
Carol Jiani – Love Can’t Turn Around (UK Mix) (Sounds United)
Pierre Piccarde – You Are (Marylin Musique M&M)
Dennis Wonder – Destiny (Derek Avari Extended Remix) (Soundofnow Music)
Soulful-Cafe – Si Llama (Soulful Cafe)
Ted Peters & Angellisa – Sound of Soul (M F Records)
Chico Timbero – My Sound (Chicotimberorecords)
Wizzert – Road to Anywhere (VIPTRACKS RELEASES)
Michael Push feat. LaTisha – Don’t Give up on Love (Emotive Extended Remix) (White Lips)
Cheap Sunglasses – Your Energy (Ibiza Bitches Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
AMI Dubz – Drifting (Carl H Mix) (AMI Music)
Gianni de Santis – Little Sweet G (Extended Version) (M F Records)
Sergio WoS – Back to the Old School (Maury Grande Remix) (3 WORDS)
Groovy People – Riding into the Night (M F Records)
Paradise Nation – Feel the Heat Now (M F Records)
Bahia de Roses – Your Love Is Here (M F Records)
Ted Peters & JaBig – I Will Need You (Extended Version) (Groovetto)
DJ Zillioneer – Move My Groove (Zillioneer Records)
Michael Ruland – Everything (Radio Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Koldfeet – On My Own (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
E.L.C.W. – So Beautiful (Sixtynine Recordings)
Bukalemun – Soul Tree (Akan Recordings)
Fond8 – Destiny (Metropolitan Recordings)
Rob Hayes feat. Nica Brooke – Entire Love (Audio Honey)
Nicolas Bassi feat. Wendy Jane Satchell – Alone (Main Mix) (Audio Honey)
Schwarz & Funk – Hang Out (Main Mix) (boxberglounge)
Anirhythm – Take My Pain Away (House Main Mix) (Anirhythm)
Sgt.Elias – Ven Pa Ca (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Tedjep Soulful House – Other Things Around You (M F Records)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Soulful Feeling (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Tom Civic feat. Felicia Uwaje – Come Alive (Extended Mix) (Sounds United)
Jonse & Bengt van Steegen – Devotion (Jonse Records)
Leotone – Thank You (Jazz Maestro Style) (Leotone Music)
Ezio Centanni & Enea DJ feat. Tantra Zawadi – Kismet (Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf Radio Version) (Sixtynine Recordings)
Spiritual Soul – Daiquiri (Lounge Bazar)
Circles and Spirals – Discussing the String Theory (Circles Records)
Volkan Uca & Nage Baruch feat. Lara B. – Self Love (Extended Mix) (The Sin Records)
Pat Klijn – Easy Soul (CIDAS MUSIC)
Marc Tasio feat. U.R.A. – My Heart Is You (Deep Extended) (Groove Defined)
Matthieu B. – Run (B&S Concept Mix) (Palms Records)
Groovelegend Project – So Beautiful (Sixtynine Recordings)
Schwarz & Funk feat. Storm Marrero – Wanting You (Miller Cruz Brazil Mix Radio Edit) (boxberglounge

DJ Eef, Jean Deep & Jean Franglais - Vol de Nuit
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef - Mission to Mars