Various Artists - House Selection 1 - DJ Eef

Hi everyone i’m happy to inform you that
Jean Deep – Mission to Mars (DJ Eef Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
is on this compilation : 23/07/2018
Release Date :Various Artists – House Selection 1
Label : Axi Records


Clemens Rumpf – Elements of House (Garage House Mix) (Deep Village Records)
Ghedzo – House Party (Aldo Ferreri Remix) (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
Nick Solid feat. Jake – Versace Girl (Paul Vain Future House Mix) (Swedish House Vibes)
DJ Eef – House Fever (Jean Deep’s in House Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
House Sector One – I Know I Love You (Tech House Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Daniel Geer – Effervescence (Rave House Mix) (Rave House Digital)
Lovertrax House Clan – Can You Feel It (Extended Mix) (Lovertrax House Flow)
Tedjep Soulful House – Deep House Music (M F Records)
Jorge Silva – Dimension House (Only One Mix) (Dimension House)
North House Alliance – Back to House Nation (Extended Version) (Sounds United)
Alain Mac – La maison du House (House Nouveau)
W&am – House Is House (Sensation)
House Alliance – House Party (Club Mix) (Flashback)
Dj Housediver – My House Is Your House (Special Remix) (Hawelka Music)
DJ Odak Blasco – Disco Command (Club Mix) (Sons House Records)
Experimental Feelings – Underground Music Can Be House (Morfologica Records)
Amanda – I House You (Candydeluxe)
Edgar Rene – Ibiza Dark House (Violin Mix) (Rene Records)
Alex N. – Love House (Beatforge)
Armando D’Estate & Steve Saunders – Full House (das ohr digital)
Dee Magic – Boom! (Phunk E’s Tribaltronic House Mix) (Chunky Musica)
Evolke – Tech-House (Punky Records)
DJ Odak Blasco – Flash Back (Sons House Records)
Saleem Razvi – House Step (House Vs Dubstep Mix) (Bent Ant Records)
DJ Odak Blasco – 1 Night on Beach (Sons House Records)
Mend – House Lover (Clatter Records)
Victor Del Guio – House Music Lovers (Guide Records)
Hillberg vs. Soul Slinger feat. Tc Izlam – Zulu Music 2011 (Struboskop House Treatment) (envloop)
Aldo Ferreri – House Music (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
House Sector One – All Night Long (Deep House Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Soul T Nuts – That House Feeling (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
Fabio Amoroso & Yuri Taurino – People in the House (DBat Radio Remix) (Lovertrax House Flow)
Dj-Pipes – Dirty Disco House (Got House Records)
Ale Flowers – My House Beats (Absolute Deejay House Remix) (Still Records)
Vegas House feat. Keisha – All About (Club House Remix) (Suedmusik Records)
Yuri Gomez – Acces House (Liquitech Records)
Off Remixer – Everybudy in da House (Self Made Recordings)
Chris Prime – Coast Rusher (House Version) (Lost Island Records)
Medias Res feat. April Hepner – Only Way from Here (Deep House Edit) (A City Beautiful)
Gabriel Guerrero – Save the House (Extreme Sound Records)
DJ Odak Blasco – Watching Me (Full House Mix) (Sons House Records)
Tomio – Gotta Tell You (House Mix) (Minimalove Records)
Stephen Allan – Awo Koro (Extended Mix) (NYC House Music)
Fred Henderson – Got to Break It (Tech-House Version) (Solid Vibrations)
DJ Odak Blasco – 2 Am (Sons House Records)
Nick Harvey – House Muziek (Nick Harvey Club Mix) (Nick Harvey Music)
Wildcafe Does House – You Know (Extended Mix) (Phonic Fusion)
DJ Stanara – My House (Stanara Music)
Iron – The House Music (SlamAir Remix) (Houseart)
DJ EQ – Got House? (Beatism)
Rainbox – Neptune (House Remix) (Cypresslab Records)
K-Teck – I Saw Him (House Matters)
Stone Mason – Intelligent House (Bent Ant Records)
K-Teck – Phone Signal (2009 Mix) (House Matters)
J Sasz – Mystic Music Garden (House Mix) (Mutant Bit)
Tito Torres – Devoted House(Techouse House Mix) (CHIC Music)
Finzy vs. Mario K – Ooo House (Shlack Records)
Randhirr & Jeron Savio – Rock the House (Lektroworx)
Daniele Nacci – Shake It! (Deep House Remix) (Project Studio)
Benny Knox – House You (FineGrind Audio)
Tempo O’Neil – A Kiss Is Just a Kiss. (House Mix) (Liberation Party)
Aucelin – One Run (Mr Luke Fabul’House Remix) (Moving Head Records)
Dayne S – I Like House Music (Aschawulää! Records)
House Academiek – Dirty Beats (Main Mix) (Gruv Shack Records)
Mike Laveaux – Your House Is Mine (Visionair Records)
Skan – Let Me Love You (House-Djunky Remix) (Veth Music)
Candy Sandy – Candy House (Clone 2.1 Records)
Micky B & Carlton D – House Dance (Uneedamix)
Gerard Karsdorp – Bomb the Bass (House Bangerz)
Virtualsound – True House Music (PolarMuzik)
Struboskop & Violetta Parisini – Don’t Stop Robot (Alberto Terzi House Mix) (envloop)

Various Artists - Progressive Virus
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef - Objective Moon (Jean Franglais Remix)