Various Artists - This Is Progressive! - DJ Eef

Hi everyone I’m happy to inform you that
Jean Deep – Mission to Mars (DJ Eef Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
is on this compilation : Various Artists – This Is Progressive
Release Date : 08/09/2020
Label :LunaRu Travel Compilations


Max V. – Better off Alone (Refreshed with Love Mix) (Atop Records)
Laera – Monote (Radio Mix) (Laera Tunes)
Wolfgang Dembowski – Sunny Side (Ton Liebt Klang)
Alex Noise – Nice People (noisetown records)
ShinyMirror – First Down (Naucrates Music)
Morgsch – Your Touch Is Ecstasy (kosmopolit records)
Mr. & Mr. feat. Damiano – Run (BRAIN PAIN RECORDS)
Alex Progress – Sea Dream (Sound Progress)
Jean Deep – Mission to Mars (DJ Eef Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
CLYFFTONE & Aaron Fong – Freeride (Zero Motion Records)
Yence505 – Far Away (Sandals and Bermuda Shorts Mix) (D-Force Records)
Historus – Town Doubt (Historus)
Loren x – Layer Dance (Itracks)
Jerome Zambino & Chris’n B – Je Suis Venu Pour Moi (The Trackseller is in the Dark Room Mix) (Madness-Room prods)
LK – A Thousand Miles (Black Lemon Records)
RyanB – Space Travel (Snarebody Records)
Modis Chrisha – Above (Modis Records)
Karim Le Mec – Davida (Cut Mix) (Ghostwork)
2cats – What’s the Time (Beatbridge Records)
DJ Chart – Elektro Dance Country (I.H. Music Productions)
Nerutto – Parallel (Magnifique Recordings)
D-Click – What You Gonna (Gari Wald Remix) (Madness-Room prods)
Tektonica – Time for Sun Screen (UPUK Records)
Tali Freaks feat. Amanda Pryce – This Time (Jean Aita Remix) (She’s Super)
Fishela – You (Invisible People)
Tony Bixton feat. Green Sparks – Illusion (FAM)
Stereo Citizen – Dreamflight (Magnifique Recordings)
Pengwin X Natixx X League of Lyons feat. Aseri – Lost in the Moment (League of Lyons)
Tildbros – Surrender (Tildmusic)
L.porsche – Weightless in the Water (K-m-Record)
Jo Fridan – Lift Me Up (Instrumental Extended) (Axi Records)
Dexperia – See You (The Good Old Days Remix) (She’s Super)
Aaron the Baron – Noone Can Love You (Davino Records)
Globally Local Music Factory feat. Shannon Maree – Big Shiny Heart (Alex from Jack Remix) (wechselstrommusic)
Maxim Novitskiy – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (MN Club Mix) (MN Project)
Fluze – Starbound (Rarebase Records)
Impossible Music Force – Hypnosis 02 (Impossible Music Force)
Cime Heqo – Fly Me to the Moon (Galaxy Records

Various Artists - Goa Island: Progressive House & Trance
Serato Recording #33 Mixed by DJ Eef